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* This is an all-inclusive price to install a digital antenna for a single storey house that has never had the antenna installed. Actual price may vary depending on everything needed to get the Digital TV reception in your home and area. Additional storeys extra.

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New Home Digital TV Antenna Installation Sydney

Do you live in a home that has never had a TV Antenna installed? Our new home antenna service includes everything you need to get the digital tv reception in your home.  Our Same day all-Sydney service is designed to give you crystal clear TV Reception in your brand new home for the reasonable price. So you can start watching your favourite TV shows!

Full Installations from $399 including a brand new HD antenna, mast, cabling and installation.

This is an amazing All Inclusive Offer for everyone who wants a brand new antenna installed in their home. The offer is designed to give you the FullHD antenna reception so you can relax and have a crystal clear TV Reception with our rock solid 20-year guarantee. This unique offer is designed for new or existing homes that have never had the TV antenna installed.

This special, all-inclusive offer includes:

  1. Antenna mast installed on your roof (or other more suitable location).
  2. Brand new, highest quality Australian made FullHD TV Antenna connected to your mast.
  3. The connection of the cables to the splitter hooked up to your pre-existing cables in your roof.
  4. A full Tune-up of your TV for a perfect digital reception.
  5. A full 20-year warranty on your new antenna

If you require additional TV Points or more cabling installed contact us now for a quote. 

Highest Quality Digital TV Antennas

The Antenna we supply is made by the quality Australian Brand. With over 40 years experience behind them. The quality, performance and durability in the often harsh Sydney’s climate cannot be beaten. We purchase these antennas in bulk quantities which allows us to offer such a great product at such an affordable price. Please don’t pay more because you do not need to. 

Why Choose Sydney Wide Antennas?

With over 20 years of the experience with antenna installation, we are the reliable partner. Our experienced technicians can get to you no matter where you live. We offer same day service 7 days a week so you don’t need to wait long to have your reception sorted. We use only quality Australian-made products that are guaranteed to work around Sydney area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pre-wire for antennas and Foxtel in new homes?

Yes we do offer pre-wiring services. We are happy to mount and supply a Television antenna or even just give you a quote. We can even work with your builders to find the solution that best suits your new home.

Do I need an antenna booster or amplifier on my new home?

Sometimes TV antennas require a booster to improve the signal up to a level that the TV recognises as a good signal. In lower signal areas a booster is important, and it is important to match the right antenna booster to your specific house as they have different levels of amplification.  Here at Sydney Wide Antennas we can match the booster to your system using our equipment. 

What's the difference between coverage and reception?

Coverage is a predicted level of digital TV signal strength, while reception is the quality of the signal that your TV actually receives. For example, if your TV is not connected to an antenna, it may not be able to receive the TV signal, even if you are in a good coverage area.

What components are there in a typical new home antenna installation?

Our antenna installations can include any of the following components:

  • Pre-wiring 
  • Digital compatible, Australian made TV antenna
  • Heavy duty support mast, or other antenna mount
  • Fully galvanized steel brackets
  • Masthead and/or distribution amplifiers, and their respective power supplies
  • High quality RG6 or RG11 quad shield coaxial cables
  • 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 6-way or 8-way splitters with or without power pass
  • Attenuators
  • 4G/LTE filters
  • TV outlet and connection lead

And other specialised components, including single channel headends and integrated PayTV / Foxtel system equipment All equipment used is the highest quality available in the market. We even have a warranty on antennas (terms and conditions apply).

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