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You don’t always have to replace your TV Antenna! Save money with our Antenna Repair Service! Let us check your antenna connection before you spend any money for the installation of a new one.

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TV Antenna Repairs and Service

Do you suffer from poor TV reception? Is your Antenna damaged? Or maybe your TV reception is less than perfect? Are you missing some of the Free-to-Air Channels that others have for free? You may have some antenna issues that should be investigated. Let us come and use our cutting-edge diagnostic device to find out what is exactly wrong with your TV Reception in Sydney area.

We Can Fix Your Reception Issues!

There are hundreds of potential reasons why you may have poor TV Reception. Seeing as your antenna is outside, it can become permanently damaged by hail and stormy conditions.  Let us come to you with our state-of-the-art, German-made, diagnostic equipment to find out precisely what is wrong with your TV Antenna.

Some things we will look for:

  • Has the antenna been damaged by hail, weather or animals
  • Is the cable broken
  • Are there issues with the TV point (damaged outlets)
  • Is the signal from the antenna strong enough
  • Has the TV antenna moved or been re-positioned recently
  • Is the TV been set up correctly
  • Is there static current coming off through the cables
  • Are the splitters or adaptors broken or damaged
  • Are the signal boosters broken or damaged
  • Are there new buildings obstructing the signal

We will then run a full diagnostics and provide a report, this will be done using out state-of-the-art, TV antenna diagnostics equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When repairing my antenna are the parts you use under warranty?

Yes, all of our parts are backed by manufacturer’s warranties.

What causes poor TV reception?

One of the most issues with TV reception is the deterioration of the antenna cable, this can occur inside or outside the home. The outside protective jacket of the cable can wear away, allowing water and other substances to degrade the quality of your signal.

There can also be issues with the actual outlet inside the home.  Over time, the connector inside the outlet can loosen, there may also be a problem with how the actual antenna outlet is connected to the cable that runs to the antenna.  In other cases, the insulation hasn’t been properly removed from the cable fully, so it doesn’t connect properly to the outlet.

Why is my TV is not receiving any signals?

Sometimes cable lengths can reach over 100 feet, and up to 1/3 of the signal can be lost. If you require a long cable or are using a splitter, you may need a preamplifier, and a pair of qualified hands to do the work.

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