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Are you having trouble with your existing TV antenna? Our friendly, professional technicians can visit you, anywhere across Sydney; within a few hours, everyday of the week. We work to provide you with all your favourite free to air TV shows and to keep them on your screens.

 Our Process For Antenna Repairs

  • Do an onsite inspection
  • Assess the condition of the existing antenna
  • Do a signal test at the property
  • Document the issues that exist
  • Check ALL parts of the entire antenna system for faults or damage (includes cabling, splitters and wall plates)

Antenna Repairs Near Me

There will always be cheap antennas you can find on sites like Ebay or at Bunnings, however they are made overseas and are of poor quality. These cheaper antennas are flimsy, they may work well for the first 3-6 months, but are incomparable to Australian manufactured antennas. Save yourself the time, money and the frustration of dealing with inferior products, call Sydney Wide Antennas today on 0428 442 828, to dicsuss your options.

In the antenna installation and repair industry there are a lot of cowboys who might charge less, but rarely do they provide a guarantee or after sales service, for if anything goes wrong… and just like that, they’re onto the next unsuspecting person selling them an inferior product along with rushed and dodgy workmanship.

The 7 Reasons Why Your Antenna Could Need Repairing

  1. Changes to the surroundings
  2. Changes to reception and broadcasting
  3. Damage from birds
  4. It has broken elements
  5. It is old and worn
  6. The cables are worn
  7. Weathering

8 Situations When Repairing Won’t Do, You’ll Need A New Antenna

  1. Completely broken components – parts break over time due to birds and the weather conditions
  2. Faulty components – although the antenna is good, the reception is bad due to faulty parts
  3. Dodgy antenna – cheap antenna that is poorly made or installed, prone to breakage
  4. Water logged antenna – sometimes antennas get installed upside down and water gets into the balun
  5. Old age – The antenna is past it’s use by date, it use to perform well, now it doesn’t
  6. Extreme electrical damage – Lightning or power surge can damage the antenna beyond repair
  7. Incorrect antenna or placement – the antenna may be the wrong one for that part of the property
  8. Blockage – something may be blocking or weakening the signal like hills or higher parts of the property

Some of these situations don’t sound too extreme, however they are issues that cannot be fixed with repairs, and require replacement of the antenna, or the entire system. Some of these factors are preventable, especially when a company with expereince and proper qualifications is employed. This is why we suggest that you always research and look further into your tradespeople, and don’t justgo with the cheapest. All our antenna installations come with a full 20 year warranty and we use only the highest quality, Australian made antennas.


Examples Of Dodgy Work Done By Others…..That We’ve Had To Fix!

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Don’t risk climbing the roof, Sydney Wide Antennas can get an experienced and trained technician out within a few hours to fix any issues you may be facing.

Call today on 0428 442 828, and one of our technicians will be more that happy come out and have a look at your antenna.


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